TV Wall Mounts

Wall-mounting your TV is a great way to save space. There are a variety of brackets for different situations and even the very largest of TV's can be wall-mounted!


Universal Display Mount Brackets

These brackets have adjustable mounting points to mount the TV on to the bracket. Each Universal bracket will have the maximum hole-spacing that they are compatible with. Universal brackets come in different sizes, each designed for different screen sizes. They are especially suitable for LCD and Plasma TV's that don't have standard VESA fittings.




Pete's Wall Mounted TV60 inch wall mounted TVWall Mounted TV

Display Mount Brackets for VESA Standard TV's

These Display Mount Brackets are for all VESA standard LCD and Plasma TV's, they include fixed mount wall brackets, tilting wall brackets and cantilever mount swing display brackets. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) are standards that define patterns of holes, mounting interfaces and associated power supply locations for LCD or TFT monitors, plasma screens and other flat panel devices.

Fixed Wall Mount Bracket

A bracket designed to keep your LCD or Plasma screens as close to the wall as possible, allowing for cables and leads etc.



Tilting Wall Mount Bracket

A bracket designed to allow you to tilt the screen downwards. This helps you get a better viewing angle. This bracket is suitable mainly for screens that are mounted high on the wall.


Cantilever Swing Wall Mount Bracket

A bracket designed to enable pulling the TV out from the wall and give a swivel function allowing the screen to be rotated left and right. These brackets can also incorporate a vertical tilt function.


Hiding Cables

All of our wall mount installations include 60mm x 30mm D-line decorative trunking, specially designed to be the ultimate solution for any TV wall installation. D-Line has been developed to create a cableway that simply blends with contemporary décor. It's single piece construction means only one cut is ever needed, while the hinged lid acts as a perfect cable retainer. With a self-adhesive backing and flush accessories D-Line is the ultimate for any TV installation. D-Line can also be painted to match the décor of the room.