Connected Home (and connected business)

The ‘connected home’ is the next big technology revolution and will allow multiple services within the home to be networked and controlled via superfast broadband. In a connected home the main TV will be part of a home network receiving content from many other devices, including home automation devices (such as smart thermostats and WiFi-enabled lightbulbs), home monitoring devices (such as baby or pet monitors, smart telecare or a connected security camera that broadcasts to a mobile device), and home security devices (such as a security camera that connects to a central monitoring station). The more advanced connected home devices will allow remote activation of smart products via apps on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Contact us.


Home Data Networks

With more of our modern technology needing a good solid internet connection, it's more important than ever to have your home or business prepared. No longer is the data network a thing for the large house or office; with the demands of Static Technology, the Desktop Computer, Smart TV, Online Gaming and Smart Fridges, Heating Controllers etc.), we now need a reliable good quality broadband signal, spread around the building. Our Data Networks free up your Wi-Fi for your wireless devices, giving you the best connection over LAN to run the entire internet hungry static tech in your home. Contact us.


Wi-Fi Extenders - Access Point Setup

For your Wi-Fi needs, we can supply and fit an Access Point network to your home or business. The pressure for expansion being put on Wi-Fi routers means that quite often there is not enough power to cover the whole network. With Wi-Fi Access Points, we can extend the range & create a network specifically for you.


These Access Points are discrete & powerful. They can be mounted anywhere, (behind pictures, within ceiling spaces etc.) they will radiate signal up to 180m with seamless hand off, from one Access Point to the next, will give you continuous, unbroken signal.


The system even includes the capacity for your own Home Page & mini website, so that users of your Wi-Fi can see your adverts & services as they log in. (Brilliant for pubs, hotels and other businesses with a TV screen in a public area). You can tailor the services the system provides, & scalable access points mean that you can expand your coverage over time.


The system comes with its own controller interface, which means you won't have to spend money on separate configuration & monitoring software. Because it's modular you can expand it as you want! Contact us.


HDMI Distribution Networks


We can also design and install your HDMI network. (Using ‘HDBaseT’ standard equipment.) Contact us.

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We are CAI 'Connected Home' approved installers so you can trust us to install & maintain your Wi-Fi Network, Connected Home devices, Multi-point TV & Home Cinema systems. For advice on Connected Home systems contact us today!


Home Entertainment Systems

Surround Sound Home Theatre InstallationsIf you are looking to upgrade or install a new home entertainment system, you could not have picked a better time.

With the arrival of 4k TV, and Dolby Digital 7.1, both audio and video technologies have never looked or sounded better! If you need help with optimising your home entertainment system, let us do it for you! Contact us.

4DTV/UHDTV, Games Consoles & Blue Ray

4D TV Installation and set upIt's never been easier or more affordable to enjoy a great cinema experience. Now the gamer can play like never before in 3D, the whole family can experience all this in the comfort of your own home. Whether it's a new 4K ready TV, a PS4, X-Box, Nintendo Wii or just the setting up of a new DVD player, we can help. We also stock a large range of cables and accessories for your existing equipment to get you up and running in no time! For more information contact us today.

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On Demand & Catch Up TV

With the growth in popularity of the internet, it seemed like the good old TV was to be a thing of the past. But it is now possible to watch TV like never before! If you missed a programme, why not try one of the many catch up services offered through internet services like the BBC i-player or 4OD! Did you know many modern TV's and TV equipment come ready for such services? So long as you have a home broadband connection with speeds of at least 2mb, then you should be able to enjoy these services. To find out how we can get you 'caught up' contact us today.

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