Multi-point TV Systems

Multipoint multiroom Digital TV InstallationA digital Multi-point TV system allows you to run an infinite number of TV's from one aerial or satellite dish, or have TV and satellite points in every room. You can also incorporate FM &/or DAB radio into a Multi-point media system, and provide TV, Satellite & FM/DAB outlets in each room.


Multi-room from Sky is different, this requires additional Sky boxes and is an extra subscription service from Sky, however, it is possible to watch your Sky box and remotely control it from other rooms with a Sky Link-up system, without incurring further monthly subscription costs.


Now, with the advent of stunning HD, 3 & 4D TV, it is possible to distribute this content around your house via Ethernet cabling and HDMI distribution systems to your HD or 3 & 4D TV's.


Freesat Multipoint distribution and DAB Digital Radio


We are CAI approved installers so you can trust us to install & maintain your multi-point TV, Wi-Fi Network & Home Cinema systems. For advice on Multi-point systems contact us today!


TV, FM & DAB Aerials Top Tip to save money on installation

If you choose a digital TV service like BT Vision or Talk Talk you will need to consider the condition of your existing aerial. Whether you need a new aerial will depend on its condition and the area you live in. TV FM and DAB AerialsThe advent of digital broadcasting has left some viewers with problems such as loss of picture or being unable to receive the full range of digital channels.


At TV-SAS Herts & Essex we focus on providing professional TV aerial solutions with a range of high end approved aerials for Digital Television, DAB and FM Radio. We can solve your digital reception problems, whether it's re-alignment of your existing aerial or by specifying and installing a new CAI benchmarked, Digital Approved Aerial.

DAB AerialsDigital Radio AerialsDVB AerialApproved AerialsDigital Aerail Installation

TVSAS Herts & Essex only supply and install the highest quality CAI Benchmarked & Digital UK Approved Aerials, professionally installed, and fully guaranteed. Contact us to discuss your aerial installation requirements.


Freesat Satellite

Top Tip for saving money on satellite installationFreesat is a satellite broadcast alternative to Freeview digital TV (through an aerial), and requires a satellite dish. This subscription free digital satellite service provides over 150 free to view digital TV channels and digital radio stations, including stunning High Definition (HD) content, all with no monthly subscription fees.


We can supply and install everything you need for Freesat or Freesat HD, from the satellite dish right through to the Freesat Receiver. We can even supply Freesat+ HD Recorders, which allow you to record all your favourite programmes at the touch of a button, and even pause and rewind live TV. For full details contact us now!



Just about everyone has heard of Sky. If you don't already have it, you will still probably be familiar with the great content that Sky TV has to offer. With a range of packages to suit all your viewing needs, Sky offers arguably the largest content available on a subscription basis in the UK. For new customers Sky now only install their Sky+ HD receiver box, so whether or not you take out the extra HD package offering over 50 HD channels, you still get a brand new Sky+ HD receiver box.


At TV-SAS Herts & Essex we specialise in Sky installations and service. We are able to offer you all of Sky's great products with our quality assured service, whether you are a new or existing Sky customer. We are able to install Sky mini-dishes where other satellite engineers have not been able to, and we are capable of resolving all Sky reception problems! We pride ourselves on being able to resolve any service requirements, and we aim to do this within one visit. If you require an independent solution then contact us first!

European Satellite TV

Internation Digital Satellite TV set upThere are thousands of Free-to-Air digital channels available, providing a huge variety of entertainment in many different languages. RTLThere are also many premium subscription channels, and encrypted channels which require a decryption card to be unlocked. If you are unsure of which satellite you wish to receive channels from, or require advice on the systems and languages available.

Canal PlusRAI Satellite in the UKWatch Arte in the UK
We can also re-align your fixed satellite TV system to a different satellite if you wish to receive a different selection of channels and languages, or if your services have moved to a different satellite. Remember, whenever you change which satellite you receive your broadcasts from, with a fixed European system, re-alignment of the dish will be required and you will no longer receive signals from the original satellite signal.


To find out how we can install free digital TV from Europe contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail.

RTLCanal Plus Hotbird Eutelsat InstallationMTVTurksatRAI Italian Satellite in the UKTVE Spanish TV in the UKWatch European Eurosport in the UKTVP Polish TV in the UK